The Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) is a specialized Research University in management research, postgraduate education and training exclusively in the health sector. IIHMR in Rajasthan is led by Principal Investigator Dr. Anoop Khanna.

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Survey Results Summaries

PMA uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround surveys monitoring key health and development indicators. Surveys are completed by resident enumerators, uploaded to a central server via a mobile data network, cleaned and analyzed. Results are disseminated shortly after.

Technical Area Survey Results Brief Indicators Report
Gender PMA, Reproductive Coercion, 2022 English French
Family Planning PMA, Phase 3, Cross-Sectional, 2022 English English
Family Planning PMA, Phase 3, Longitudinal, 2022 English
Family Planning PMA, Phase 2, Cross-Sectional, 2021 English Hindi English
COVID-19 PMA, Phase 2, COVID-19, 2021 English Hindi
Family Planning PMA, Phase 2, Longitudinal, 2021 English Hindi
COVID-19 PMA, Phase 1, COVID-19, 2020 English Hindi
Family Planning PMA, Phase 1, 2020 English Hindi English
Abortion PMA2020, Round 4, 2018 English Hindi
PMA Agile PMA Agile, Firozabad, Client, Q2-Q6, 2018-19 English

Snapshot of Indicators

Snapshot of Indicators (SOIs) are online tables  that provide a summary of key family planning indicators and information on sample design, questionnaires, data processing, response rates and sample error estimates.

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Research in India


of the women interviewed in Rajasthan, India reported that their household lost income during the Covid-19 restrictions in 2020.



PMA has a variety of publications including briefs, reports and overview documents  that may be used to inform health policy and programming decisions. Listed below are publications authored by PMA faculty, students, staff, and partners that draw upon PMA data. 

For a full list of publications that use PMA data, please visit our Google Scholars page.

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Partner Institution


Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR)

Established in 1984 in Jaipur, IIHMR is the first of its kind in India, with attention solely focused on health systems management. Recognized by Department of Science & Technology, Ministry of Finance and Government of India as a Research Institution, Accredited to International Hospital Federation & Association of University Programmes in Health Administration.
The IIHMR University is a specialized Research University in management research, postgraduate education and training exclusively in the health sector. The University aims to generate new knowledge and technologies to provide evidence and inputs for developing effective policies and health interventions and strategies. The origin of the IIHMR University has its roots in pioneering and significant contribution of Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR), Jaipur in the last three decades to policy and program management research, and capacity development in health and hospital management in India and South-East Asia, which has enabled it to attain the status of a university. The IIHMR University has a mission to improve the standards of health through better management of health care and related programs through management research, education, training and institutional networking in a national and global perspective in the health sector.
Over the last 30 years, IIHMR, working as a WHO Collaborating Centre for District Health Systems and designated as an Institute of Excellence by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has played a major role in promoting and conducting health policy and program management research. The Institute has been instrumental in a paradigm shift in the management of health care and hospitals in India.
IIHMR University is the field organization responsible for implementation of both PMA and the National Family Health Survey in Rajasthan.

Indian Institute of Health Management Research

Principal Investigator

Anoop Khanna

Anoop Khanna, PhD

Dr. Anoop Khanna, a public health expert and researcher, currently works as Professor at IIHMR University in Jaipur. Dr. Khanna has a PhD in Sociology. He is an expert in Health Management Information System (HMIS), monitoring & evaluation (M&E), large-scale surveys, database management and analysis. He has carried out more than 30 evaluations and research studies on various health programs and projects in the last two decades, authored many research papers in national and international journals and published two books. He has been involved in carrying out and coordinating projects funded by UNFPA, PLAN International, PATH International, Futures Group International, SIFPSA, European Commission, WHO, UNFPA, USAID, NIDI, Johns Hopkins University-USA, UNICEF and CDC, CRS India, the Government of India and other state governments like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. He has organized various training programs in the areas of reproductive health, family planning, HMIS, M&E, research methods and design and gender.

Program Manager

Danish Ahmad

Danish Ahmad, MSW

Mr. Danish leads the program management and survey implementation in Rajasthan, India. His professional experience and research background include abortion, family planning, adolescent, maternal and child health and WASH. He has done his master’s in social work from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), and currently pursuing his PhD from IIHMR university. Prior to joining PMA at IIHMR, he has worked as M&E Manager with Institute for Reproductive Health, Georgetown University. He has also worked as a State Coordinator on the National Family Health Survey (NFHS).

Data Manager

India_Narendra Singh

Narendra Singh

Mr. Narendra leads the data management in PMA India. He also works closely with the ODK and qGIS team. A data and technology enthusiast, Narendra’s professional experience spans more than seven years, including five dedicated years to public health research.

Program Officer

India_Gargee Gopesh

Gargee Gopesh

Dr. Gargee is a part of the survey operations team at PMA India. Her key responsibilities are maintaining quality of survey through training, planning, monitoring and proper implementation. She is a Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral in human development. Her research interests include human behaviour and development. She also has a keen interest in conducting quantitative and qualitative research.

Program Officer

India_Kshitiz Sisodia

Kshitiz Sisodia

Mr. Kshitiz is a member of survey operations team at PMA India. His primary responsibility entails planning and monitoring of the survey and its implementation to ensure the quality of the survey. He is also engaged in activities related to training, tool designing and finalization, data cleaning, etc. He is an MBA in health management and has a keen interest in conducting quantitative research in public health.

Regional Coordinator

India_Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Mr. Sandeep is in the survey operations team at PMA India. An MBA in marketing, his key responsibilities are planning, training, monitoring, and coordinating the survey operations as well as ensuring the quality of the survey. He wishes to contribute in the development of the communities with health research.

ODK Programmer

India_Punit Soni

Punit Soni

Mr. Punit is an ODK Programmer at PMA India. His key responsibilities include writing ODK programs and develop ODK forms for survey and data collection. He is a master’s in computer applications (with honours) from Rajasthan Technical University and a certified PMD Pro professional. He is pursuing his PhD in computer science and information technology. Besides, he has worked as an ODK programmer at PMA Agile and few other research projects in India.