PMA2020 nutrition surveys were designed to provide government and development partners with more complete national-level data on the coverage of nutrition-specific interventions, diet and nutritional status among children under 5, adolescent girls, and women of reproductive age, as well as household-level food security and access to fortified foods. The surveys also included an assessment of the readiness of public and private facilities to provide nutrition services. Two rounds of the survey were carried out in both Kenya and Burkina Faso.

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Survey Results Summaries

PMA uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround surveys monitoring key health and development indicators. Surveys are completed by resident enumerators, uploaded to a central server via a mobile data network, cleaned and analyzed. Results are disseminated shortly after.

Country Survey Results Brief Indicators Report
Kenya PMA2020 Nutrition, Round 2, 2018 English
Kenya PMA2020 Nutrition, Round 1, 2017 English
Burkina Faso PMA2020 Nutrition, Round 2, 2018 English French
Burkina Faso PMA2020 Nutrition, Round 1, 2017 English French

Research in Nutrition


of infants age 0-5 months in Kenya are exclusively breastfed.


PMA has a variety of publications including briefs, reports and overview documents  that may be used to inform health policy and programming decisions. Listed below are publications authored by PMA faculty, students, staff, and partners that draw upon PMA data. 

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