Research Program Officer

PMA is seeking a full-time Research Program Officer to support data management and analysis activities across all project countries and in Baltimore, with a particular focus on Francophone countries. PMA Francophone countries currently include Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Niger and DRC. Major responsibilities include providing remote/in-person technical assistance during field staff trainings, field pre-testing, and data collection, including computer programming and data management activities. As the PMA platform has been operating for the past five years, the Research Program Officer will also take a lead role in building local capacity within the Francophone teams to become more self-sufficient in data management, and analysis through leading regular training.



Francophone Program Officer

PMA is seeking a Francophone Program Officer to join the Survey Operations team, which oversees the global technical management of the PMA surveys, and provides technical assistance in key areas throughout survey operations to in-country university/research institutes as the implementing partners. Primary responsibilities include being the Francophone country point of contact for all aspects of survey operations, such as support for field testing protocols, local IRB submission, development of enumerator training materials and documenting deviations in survey protocols and questionnaires. As part of this, the Francophone Program Officer will also coordinate with relevant module and activity-specific leads within PMA that may be organizing separate data collection activities with country partners. The Francophone Program Officer will also take a lead role in technical capacity strengthening initiatives, including providing direct support to Francophone teams to become more autonomous in survey operations. The Program Officer will report to the Associate Director of Operations.

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