Côte d’Ivoire

The École Nationale de Statistiques et d'Economie Appliquee of Abidjan (ENSEA) leads PMA in Côte d’Ivoire. They are an award winning national public institution whose vocation is the training of statisticians for French-speaking African countries. ENSEA is led by Principal Investigator Dr. Rosine Mosso and Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Fassassi Raiimi.

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Survey Results Summaries

PMA uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround surveys monitoring key health and development indicators. Surveys are completed by resident enumerators, uploaded to a central server via a mobile data network, cleaned and analyzed. Results are disseminated shortly after.

Technical Area Survey Results Brief Indicators Report
Family Planning PMA, Phase 3, Longitudinal, 2022 French English
Family Planning PMA, Phase 3, Cross-Sectional, 2022 French English English French
Gender PMA, Phase 3, Gender Based Violence, 2023 French English
Gender PMA, Reproductive Coercion, 2022 English French
Gender PMA, Phase 2, Gender-Based Violence, 2021 French English
Family Planning PMA, Phase 2, Cross-Sectional, 2021 French English English French
Family Planning PMA, Phase 2, Longitudinal, 2021 French English
COVID-19 PMA, Phase 2, COVID-19, 2021 French English
Family Planning PMA, Phase 1, 2020 French English English French
COVID-19 PMA, COVID-19, 2020 French English

Snapshot of Indicators

Snapshot of Indicators (SOIs) are online tables  that provide a summary of key family planning indicators and information on sample design, questionnaires, data processing, response rates and sample error estimates.

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Research in Côte d’Ivoire


of the women interviewed in Cote d’Ivoire reported that their households suffered partial or total income loss during the Covid-19 restrictions in 2020.



PMA has a variety of publications including briefs, reports and overview documents  that may be used to inform health policy and programming decisions. Listed below are publications authored by PMA faculty, students, staff, and partners that draw upon PMA data. 

For a full list of publications that use PMA data, please visit our Google Scholars page.

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Partner Institution


École Nationale de Statistiques et d’Economie Appliquee (ENSEA) 

Created in 1961, the École Nationale de Statistiques et d'Economie Appliquee of Abidjan (ENSEA) is a national public institution whose vocation is the training of statisticians for French-speaking African countries. To date, it has trained about 4000 statisticians from more than twenty countries in Africa and Haïti. The quality of the training delivered at ENSEA earned two awards: Regional Centre of Excellence awarded by UEMOA in 2005 and African Centre of Excellence awarded by the World Bank in 2015. 


Collaborating Partners

Direction de Coordination du Programme National de Santé de la Mère et de L’Enfant/ National Program for the Health of the Mother and Child (DC-PNSME)
Institut National de la Statistique (INS)/ National Statistics Agency

Principal Investigator

Rosine Mosso

Rosine Mosso, PhD, DEA

Dr. Rosine Mosso is a statistician-demographer and lecturer at the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA) where she teaches statistical methods, demography and gender statistics. Her research focuses on reproductive health, gender inequalities and child mortality. Dr. Mosso is in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the World Bank's African Centre of Excellence (ACE) program in statistics aimed at strengthening the availability of higher education in Africa. Dr. Mosso obtained her DEA in Demography from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and her PhD in Demography from Paris Descartes University (France).

Co-Principal Investigator

Fassassi Raïmi

Fassassi Raïmi, PhD

Dr. Fassassi Raïmi is a lecturer and researcher at the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics (ENSEA), Abidjan. He teaches courses in statistics and survey techniques. He has over 25 years of experience in designing and organizing surveys. He has organized and supervised data collection, management, and coordination efforts of numerous statistical, health, economic and social projects in Côte d'Ivoire and West Africa. Dr. Fassassi holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin in Yvelines, France. He is the Secretary General of the SNIGG (National Society of Ivory Coast Geriatrics and Gerontology) and head of the "Transition of Fertility and Development in Africa" research Network at GRIPPS (International Group of Partners in Population-Health). He is married and a father of two children.

Data Manager


N'ZI Jean-Stéphane

N'ZI Jean-Stéphane is the data manager of PMA Côte d'Ivoire. He participates in the organization of the study and ensures the follow-up of the data collection operation as well as the data analysis. He has several years of experience in the field of statistics where he has participated in the implementation of several studies. He holds a degree in Economic Statistical Engineering from the École Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d'Économie Appliquée of Abidjan.

Survey Operations

Yao Julius-Pathène

Yao Julius-Pathène

Yao Julius-Pathène leads survey operations for the Performance Monitoring for Action in Côte d'Ivoire. He trains collection agents, monitors operations and ensures that efficient results are achieved. Julius has a professional Master's degree in Demography from the Institut de Formation et de Recherche Démographiques (IFORD) and a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from the Université Félix Houphouët Boigny in Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire. Prior to joining PMA, Julius worked at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as a monitoring and evaluation consultant and in the project Sahel Women's Empowerment for the Demographic Dividend (SWEDD).


Aby Gwladys

Aby Gwladys

ABY Gwladys is in charge of programming on ODK and participates in the management of PMA data in Ivory Coast.  She holds an engineering degree in Statistics and Applied Economics from the ENSEA in Abidjan. ABY has been working at ENSEA for several years, where she has been responsible for data management and analysis for several studies on health issues.