PMA Agile

PMA Agile is a continuous data monitoring and evaluation system, collecting data at quarterly intervals each year on the overall health service delivery environment with emphasis on family planning and contraceptive service provision at the health facility and client level in multiple countries, largely in urban areas. The project uses mobile data collection methods to track information on health facility performance and impacts from large-scale projects on their intended results. The PMA Agile system captures information flows on urban reproductive health that is timely, flexible and adaptable, as well as cost-efficient.

In addition, PMA Agile seeks a reliable means for monitoring family planning awareness, use, and hidden behaviors among youths as they enter a period of probable sexual activity, and capturing this information through client exit interviews from youth clients visiting health facilities is challenging due to social and familial pressure to hide sexual activity and family planning.  Thus, PMA Agile conducted a Youth Respondent-Driven Sample Survey (YRDSS) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, in collaboration with AIBEF (Association Ivoirienne pour le Bien-Etre Familial), a youth-serving non-governmental family planning association and affiliate of IPPF.

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Survey Results Summaries

PMA uses innovative mobile technology to support low-cost, rapid-turnaround surveys monitoring key health and development indicators. Surveys are completed by resident enumerators, uploaded to a central server via a mobile data network, cleaned and analyzed. Results are disseminated shortly after.

Country Survey Results Brief Indicators Report
Nigeria PMA Agile, Lagos, YRDSS, 2020 English
Burkina Faso PMA Agile, Ouagadougou, SDP, Q1-Q5, 2018-19 English French
Burkina Faso PMA Agile, Ouagadougou, Client, Q2-Q5, 2018-19 French
Burkina Faso PMA Agile, Koudougou, SDP, Q1-Q5, 2018-19 English French
Burkina Faso PMA Agile, Koudougou, Client, Q2-Q5, 2018-19 French
Nigeria PMA Agile, Lagos, Client, Q2-Q6, 2018-19 English
Nigeria PMA Agile, Lagos, SDP, Q1-Q6, 2017-19 English
Nigeria PMA Agile, Ogun, Client, Q2-Q6, 2018-19 English
Nigeria PMA Agile, Ogun, SDP, Q1-Q6, 2018-19 English
Niger PMA Agile, Niamey, Client, Q2-Q3, 2019-20 French English

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PMA Agile Sampling and Weighting Protocol

Research in PMA Agile

PMA Agile is a component of the Performance Monitoring for Action project and aimed at the subnational level (state, county or city). It builds on the PMA monitoring and evaluation platform and conducts continuous tracking of family planning service delivery and consumption through quarterly public and private health facility surveys and semi-annual client exit interviews. A phone follow-up survey is conducted with consenting female clients four months after their interviews.

The PMA Agile Service Delivery Point briefs compile site-specific data from quarterly surveys conducted at sampled SDPs. The Client briefs cover site-specific data collected through client exit interviews and subsequent client phone follow-up surveys.

The PMA Agile team has created a series of service delivery point and client exit interview dashboards to share key findings from the ongoing surveys.

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PMA has a variety of publications including briefs, reports and overview documents  that may be used to inform health policy and programming decisions. Listed below are publications authored by PMA faculty, students, staff, and partners that draw upon PMA data. 

For a full list of publications that use PMA data, please visit our Google Scholars page.

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