Request Access to Datasets

Request Access to Datasets - PMA

Users are required to register for a PMA account to request access to the datasets. Access to the datasets are granted on a per request basis. Once approved, users can download and use the data for free. To request datasets, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Create an account or login to an existing account

Step 2: Submit request for the datasets of interest. The request form must include a brief description of the research or analysis that the user would like to  conduct using the requested data. If the research question is not clear, we may follow-up for further clarification.

Step 3: Once you receive an email granting approval, login to your account and download the dataset. Dataset requests are generally approved within 24-48 hours of submitting the form.

PMA partners with IPUMS, who provides a harmonized version of PMA data. In this version, IPUMS PMA codes variables consistently across countries and survey years to facilitate pooling, trend analysis, and comparative research.  Users who are interested in comparative over-time or cross-country research may wish to request data through IPUMS PMA.

New Users: Create Account

Existing Users: Log In

For users who have been granted access, a zipped folder with the compressed dataset, brief user notes, and survey questionnaires will be made available on the user's account. Users will be notified of approval via email. All data sets will be de-identified. Users can download the household and individual female data codebook and the service delivery point data codebook.

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PMA Agile Datasets

PMA Agile and PMA Plus are two projects that expand on the innovations that work from the PMA platform in several countries. 

To request PMA Agile data, please email the relevant country-specific address below.