June 1, 2019

PMA2020 Methodological Report No. 5. Levels, Trends, and Patterns of Contraceptive Method Availability: Comparative Analysis in 8 Sub-Saharan African Countries

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Service delivery point (SDP) surveys are essential to monitor the extent to which contraceptives are accessible to populations. PMA2020, population-SDP linked monitoring surveys, provides a unique opportunity to understand levels and trends in method availability. The percentage of facilities offering IUDs and implants ranged widely across geographies, while short-acting method availability was high overall. Within geographies, availability of individual methods remained fairly stable over time except for implants, which increased universally. Service readiness figures indicate that access to LARCs may be lower than what commodity availability statistics suggest. This research demonstrates that SDP survey data can and should be used to monitor levels and trends of method and service availability and to inform program management.