February 20, 2024

PMA Ethiopia Second Cohort Six-Week Postpartum Maternal and Newborn Health Technical Report, 2021-2023 Cohort

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To fill the data gap in priority maternal and newborn health (MNH) indicators in Ethiopia and assess factors associated with the initiation and continuation of care, PMA Ethiopia implemented a longitudinal survey that enrolled and followed pregnant women at six-weeks, six-months, and one-year postpartum.

This report summarizes key findings from the six-week postpartum survey. During the six-week postpartum interview, resident enumerators collected information on essential MNH services, including receipt, timing, and specific components of antenatal care (ANC), delivery care, and immediate postnatal and neonatal services.

Data collection for the six-week postpartum interview occurred between November 2021 and November 2022. Among 2,297 eligible women, 2,072 completed the interview.