December 6, 2022

The impact of partner autonomy constraints on women's health-seeking across the maternal and newborn continuum of care

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Gendered health inequities impede women's reproductive autonomy over the life course. Pregnancy is a critical time point for assessing inequities and partners are integral actors in the achievement or impediment of women's and children's health during this time. Among a nationally representative cohort of Ethiopian women 5–9 weeks postpartum with data collected from October 2019–September 2020, this study aimed to 1) understand the prevalence and interplay of partner-related autonomy constraints (intimate partner violence (IPV), reproductive coercion (RC), lack of encouragement from seeking antenatal care (ANC), and lack of encouragement from seeking postnatal care (PNC), and 2) examine the impact of autonomy constraints on the maternal and newborn health (MNH) continuum of care.