April 18, 2023

“If I use family planning, I may have trouble getting pregnant next time I want to”: A multicountry survey-based exploration of perceived contraceptive-induced fertility impairment and its relationship to contraceptive behaviors

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PMA assessed women’s perceptions regarding contraceptive effects on fertility across a diversity of settings in sub-Saharan Africa and how they vary by women’s characteristics. We also examined how such beliefs relate to women’s contraceptive practices and intentions. This study uses cross-sectional survey data among women aged 15 to 49 in nine sub-Saharan African geographies from the PMA project. Our main measure of interest assessed women’s perceptions of contraceptive-induced fertility impairment. We examined factors related to this belief and explored the association between perceptions of contraceptive-induced fertility impairment and use of medicalized contraception (intrauterine device, implant, injectable, pills, emergency contraception) and intention to use contraception (among nonusers).