November 28, 2023

Exploring Multiple Measures of Pregnancy Preferences and Their Relationship with Postpartum Contraceptive Uptake Using Longitudinal Data from PMA Ethiopia

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There are significant gaps in our understanding of how the experience of an unintended pregnancy affects subsequent contraceptive behavior. Our objective was to explore how three measures of pregnancy preferences—measuring timing-based intentions, emotional orientation, and planning status—were related to the uptake of postpartum family planning within one year after birth. Additionally, we tested whether the relationship between each measure and postpartum family planning uptake differs by parity, a key determinant of fertility preference. Adjusted hazards regression results show that the timing-based measure, specifically having a mistimed pregnancy, and the emotional response measure, specifically being unhappy, were associated with contraceptive uptake in the extended postpartum period, while those related to pregnancy planning, as measured by an adapted London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy, were not.