June 28, 2023

Availability of postabortion care services in Ethiopia: Estimates from a 2020 national sample of public facilities

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Unsafe abortion is a leading cause of global maternal mortality and morbidity. This study sought to estimate availability of essential postabortion care (PAC) services among publicly managed health facilities in Ethiopia. Data from public hospitals and health centers in Ethiopia were collected in 2020. Among facilities offering labor and delivery, we assessed the proportion that: (1) offered PAC, (2) were equipped for each PAC signal function, and (3) were equipped for all PAC signal functions falling within their scope of care by facility type. Meaningful progress has been made toward achieving the Ethiopian FMOH’s goal of universal PAC service availability at hospitals and health centers by 2020. Despite this, sizable gaps remain and may endanger maternal health in Ethiopia, underscoring a need for continued prioritization of PAC services.