July 3, 2018

Adolescent childbearing trends and sub-national variations in Ethiopia: a pooled analysis of data from six surveys

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Authors: Yared Mekonnen, Daniel S Telake, Endeshaw Wolde

Journal: BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 18(1). July 2018

This study examined trends, sub-national variations and determinants of early childbearing (i.e. childbearing before age 20) in Ethiopia. Data from the 2000–2011 Ethiopia DHS and from the 2014–2016 PMA2020 surveys were pooled for this analysis.  

Early childbearing declined in Ethiopia, largely driven by a parallel reduction in early marriage. However, a large portion of adolescents are still facing early childbearing, and the situation is more dismal in some regions than others. A further reduction in early childbearing is warranted by enforcing the law on the minimum marriage age and expanding secondary and higher education for females. These efforts should give greater emphasis to regions where early childbearing is markedly high.