September 26, 2016

#20DaysofData with #PMA2020

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On World Contraception Day, we celebrate the successes and gains made in family planning access and services around the world. At PMA2020, we are also celebrating the advancements in data – the driving force that guides smart decisions. 

Improving access to timely, rapid-turnaround data is key to ensuring that policy makers and program managers have the evidence needed to make informed changes. One way to improve access to data is through data visualization (view the “PMA DataLab”).

Another way PMA2020 is making data more accessible is through a new data campaign called, “20 Days of Data”. Beginning on World Contraception Day, September 26, we will spotlight two data points from each of our 10 program countries per week throughout 10 weeks – for a total of 20 days of data.

The first country is #Uganda. Subsequent countries will include #Ethiopia, #DRC, #BurkinaFaso, #Niger, #Ghana, #Indonesia, #India, #Kenya and #Nigeria.

The primary goal of the “20 Days of Data” campaign is to make data approachable and appealing to a wide audience through simple and powerful messages. Together we can achieve this.

We invite you to join and support the campaign, by sharing on your social media platforms and alerting your in-country networks. 

Please connect on Facebook (/GATES.PMA2020), Twitter (@PMA2020JHU) and Instagram (@gates.pma2020) and stay tuned throughout the 10 weeks.

Let's make data trendy! #20DaysofData

Yours in the Data Revolution,

Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020)